Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA)

About Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA)

The NFTA is responsible for all bus, rail, airport, and harbor services and facilities across Erie and Niagara counties. ECC has been supporting the NFTA with telecommunications, network and security design, installation, and support services since 2003.


IP Phone System Extensions

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Siemens & Nortel to Alcatel Migration Project

Sisco Network Infrastructure Implementation

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The NFTA required a new IP telephone system covering 1,200 extensions. ECC was the design and project management consultant for a multi-year phased migration of the NFTA legacy Siemens and Nortel telephone systems to an Authority-wide Alcatel OmniPCX™ IP telephone system.


After evaluating the current system and the NFTA’s needs, a NYS OGS RFP was let to evaluate multiple manufacturer solutions. ECC completed the replacement of the BNIA and NFIA airports’ Nortel systems and the Rail and Transit Siemens PBXs to a converged voice and data Cisco network infrastructure supporting the new Alcatel IP telephone system.


As a result of the project success, ECC has developed an ongoing relationship with the NFTA to include additional projects such as:

  1. Telecommunications & Network Consultant
    ECC Technologies was awarded a telecommunications assessment project to inventory telecom and network infrastructure and services supporting all its facilities and departments in Erie and Niagara County. The result of the project included partnership with University at Buffalo for reinforcing fiber capacity throughout its LRRT tunnel and conduit system, and savings of $12,000 in recovered overcharges and $114,000/yr. in recurring telecommunication charges through improved network design and renegotiation of service contracts.
  1. Telecom Helpdesk support
    The NFTA has expanded our services to include an annual telecom helpdesk service, engineering IT term contracts, and telecom and network consulting services for numerous projects. ECC provided a five year Telecommunications Master Plan for developing an Authority Wide Area Network; the migration from legacy PBX to VoIP network; Fiber Optic and CAT6A 10G cabling standards; and data center cabinetry and wire management improvements for their 3500-square foot operations control center (OCC) data center.
  1. Security Network
    ECC was responsible for design and project management of fiber optic ring around Buffalo Niagara International Airport for security applications including megapixel fixed, PTZ, thermal and license plate cameras and video analytics.  The $10 million security surveillance and access control system encompasses all Light Rapid Rail, Transit and Airport facilities throughout metropolitan Buffalo, NY. ECC responsible for all network infrastructure design and integration services supporting enterprise-wide Pelco Endura Surveillance System and Tyco Andover Controls (TAC) Access Control Security System.
  1. ARCTIC Video Conferencing Center
    ECC was prime contractor responsible for all cabling, network infrastructure and video conferencing, sound, projection and control systems on a $400,000 design/build contract for DOD level of security of Counter Terrorism Video Conference Center.

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