Safer & Smarter Schools

ECC Technologies has been providing Smart School planning & assessments since 2015.

Smart Schools

Safer and smarter schools rely on a robust network.

ECC Technologies has assisted school districts from across NYS with Smart Schools Implementation Plan application and approval processes. We have 20 years of experience working with School Districts and Architectural/Engineering firms as the specialized Technology and Security Consultant.

Building Conditions Survey

NYS Education Department (NYSED) requires all facilities in a District to be reviewed by an Architect or Engineer every 5 years.

The costs of the Building Condition Survey / 5 Year Plan is totally reimbursed by NYSED. Smart Schools funds were primarily to be used for Computer equipment, School Connectivity / Broadband and High tech security Improvements.

Security Assessment
  • Visitor entrance vestibules
  • Badging
  • Door access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Emergency response/notification/PA
  • Lockdown/Lockout procedures
Technology Assessment
  • Broadband & Internet connectivity (Building, Campus, Metro, Regional)
  • Network infrastructure (UTP cabling, fiber optics and wireless)
  • Network evaluation & readiness for VOIP, IP security, wireless
  • LAN / WAN / Wireless Networks
  • Telephone system/voicemail/unified communications/billings
  • Collaboration, messaging, mobility and audio-web conferencing
  • CATV, IP video/video conferencing/digital signage
  • Display devices (projectors, interactive panels, smart boards)

What We Do

ECC Technologies provides comprehensive consulting services.

We assist our customers in determining the right technologies and services to meet our client’s goals, and implement solutions on schedule and within budget.

  • Planning & Assessment
  • Design & Specification
  • Procurement & Implementation Management
  • Turn-key Design & Installation
  • On-going Support & Managed Services

Our Clients

We have over 20 years of experience serving these markets.

ECC Technologies develops capital plans and projects, as well as manage the integration of technology throughout the life-cycle of the project.

  • K12 and Higher Education
  • Municipal and State Governments & Authorities
  • Public Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Private Industry and Corporations


ECC Technologies has always focused on network and broadband solutions to interconnect our customers’ facilities, employees and customers for improved communication, collaboration and security.

Broadband Infrastructure

Fiber Optic, Twisted Pair and Wireless Solutions for Building, Campus, Metro and Regional Networks

Network Communications

WAN, LAN, Wireless and Optical Network Solutions

Hosted Communications

Cloud Services Leveraging Global Resources and Connectivity

Unified Communications

VoIP Communications Supporting Unified Messaging, Mobile Communications, E911, Public Address, Audio-Web Conferencing and Customer Contact Centers


Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Emergency Communications, Mass Notification, Automated Lockdown and Video Surveillance with Intelligent Analytics