ECC Technologies - a Technology & Consulting Group
ECC Technologies provides planning, design, implementation, and support services for different markets. We develop capital plans and projects, as well as develop and manage the integration of technology throughout different industries, while working hand-in-hand with owners, their design professionals, and support organizations to design, implement, and manage cost-effective infrastructures and systems.

We provide planning, project management, and a full line of consulting services, ranging from telecommunications infrastructure development and systems and network analysis to operational and organizational analysis of technical environments. We provide this all, of course, while maintaining the highest level of support that fits your resources and needs.

Our network infrastructures include:
  • computer networks (Information Systems),
  • telephone systems,
  • public address,
  • audio/video systems, and
  • security and surveillance systems.
We specialize in the design and development of organization-wide and community-wide projects consisting of multiple buildings and office locations, including telecommunications, wireless, and private fiber optic infrastructure development.

ECC has a history of assessing and developing infrastructure strategies for rural areas, and creates a competitive advantage for our customers through the development and implementation of technology-based programs. Our involvement in projects ranges from technology programs for education, public safety, and healthcare organizations to community-based telecommunications and technology initiatives.

        • Over the past decade, ECC has been involved in over $1 billion worth of project development worldwide.
        • We are a leader in community-wide telecommunications planning and analysis and
          are pioneers in the development of community-wide Open Access Broadband Solutions.
        • We specialize in project planning, design, implementation, and support
          services for educational, corporate, and community environments.
  • We work hand in hand with owners, architects, and
    support organizations to design and implement cost effective
    network infrastructures.