Joe Starks - Founder & President
Joe has extensive experience in developing, managing, and growing technology-based start-up opportunities. His experience includes the development of business models, processes, and business plans as well as the implementation and management of business plans.

He has experience in start-up funding, selecting and defining start-up executive teams, and managing marketing, sales, and customer service programs. He maintains excellent communication skills and enjoys presentations to both large and small groups. He utilizes superior managerial skills and is a proven visionary effective in divers environments, with a strong technical and business background.

Andy Lukasiewicz - Director of Broadband Services
Andy Lukasiewicz is an award winning broadband pioneer who brings more than 23 years of experience in leadership and innovation in the data and telec0mmunications industry. He has successfully established and grown new lines of business, managed multi-million dollar budgets, and drive nationally recognized businesses.

As director of municipal Open Access Broadband development for ECC Technologies, Mr. Lukasiewicz uses his unique blend of technical, operational, and organizational management expertise to provide consulting services to various municipal entities to develop and operate Open Access networks through public/private partnerships to advance sustainable broadband availability.

Matthew W. Crider - Vice President
Matthew is a partner and officer of ECC Technologies. He manages ECC Technologies' Consulting Services Group, which is responsible for technology planning, network and telecommunications design, and installation management services.

He combines a Master's in Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech and an Economics Bachelor's degree in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Buffalo with 20 years' experience in information technologies, telecommunications, and project management. His responsibilities have included the planning, design, implementation, and administration of successful multi-million dollar projects involving the combination of strong technical skills and the ability to manage and communicate effectively.

Gary Godden - Director of Network 
Gary currently manages the 
Network Services Group that provides technical support to 
customers that require services 
with IP networks. 
Gary has over 30 years of experience in data processing as a technician, project manager, and business manager. Gary's experience has included the management of large data centers, PCs, technicians, and project management of large scale network deployments. He has project managed large data center designs and relocations for different companies in the Upstate New York area.

Gary uses his vast experience in the data networking field, along with his project management skills, to assist customers with the ability to design, implement, and support  their data processing environment in a very organized manner. His ability to work with all levels of staff creates a very cohesive atmosphere between senior management, technical personnel, and vendors.

Jen Starks - Vice President & CFO
Jennifer is a 
partner and 
officer of ECC
Technologies. Her responsibilities include overall financial management of 
ECC, as well as overseeing project efficiency and 
budget tracking. Jennifer manages human resources, bank, and compliance programs at ECC.

She also manages operations and development 
of ECC's national healthcare network, which currently maintains secure links between more than 250 hospitals in several states. 
Additionally, Jennifer manages the Rochester 
Area Patient Information Distribution Network (RAPID), which provides a cost effective, 
secure foundation for information sharing 
between hospitals and insurers in the Rochester community and nationwide.