ECC Technologies is a full-service technology
and communications consulting group. Over
the past decade, ECC has been involved in over $1 billion worth of project development worldwide. We are a leader in community-wide telecommunications planning and development,
specializing in  project planning, design, implementation, and support services for educational (E), corporate (C), and community(C) environments.

We work hand-in-hand with owners, architects, and support organizations to implement cost-effective network infrastructures, which include computer networks (information systems), telephone systems, public address systems, performance 
sound systems, video systems, and security systems. We specialize in the design and development  of organization-wide and community-wide projects consisting of multiple buildings and office locations. These include telecommunications, wireless, and private fiber optic infrastructure development.

ECC has a history of assessing and developing
infrastructure strategies for rural areas in Western
New York State, and in 2011 extended our 
programs into the state of North Carolina. 
To date, ECC has performed 
telecommunications assessment studies in 
over 30% of New York.

ECC Technologies creates a competitive
advantage for our customers through the development and implementation of
technology-based programs. Our mission is
to develop technology programs that 
maximize our clients' investment of 
resources and result in increased 
performance, productivity, and value.